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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

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At GBH, I introduced the dignity model. Dignity says regardless of who you are, you are worthy. Dignity transforms cultures, and cultures further evolve when you infuse Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility. You create an inclusive environment where all voices are heard, and are included, regardless of their identity. True change happens when you focus on culture. At GBH, we’re taking the time to understand our culture now, and the culture we aspire to.

Recognized by LinkedIn as 2022 Top Company in Media & Entertainment in which to grow a career in the industry, GBH is invested in the development of our employees. We’re working every day toward creating an environment of belonging and trust-equity, so people can show up as they are in an organization that recognizes the dignity of all.

At GBH, we understand that it is necessary to clarify what Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) is NOT. It is not an affirmative action plan, a social program, a women’s issue, a purely moral issue, the latest fad, or just the checking of a box. As the leading producer of public media in the United States, we know that our responsibilities to our employees, stakeholders, and the communities we serve are multifaceted and interconnected, just like they are.

While we work toward long-term DEIA goals, we understand that DEIA needs to be part of our DNA, fundamental and distinctive characteristics that are a part of who we are. It is the work of our future, and it is the work of our every day.

Diversity is what matters

Diversity is defined by multiple identities and incorporating an intersectional perspective helps us widen our lens to include experiences at individual and collective levels. We recognize that diversity matters just as much behind the camera as it does in front of it.

We aim to create a workplace that looks like the communities we serve, but we’re not there yet. We’ve made improvements, and we continue to evaluate how to create a culture of belonging that attracts talented candidates of all backgrounds.

Building Bridges Annual Report
In 2022, what mattered most was reconnecting—in-person and across platforms—through programming and services that found new ways to build a bridge to our audiences, wherever they are. We strived to innovate, reveal and listen and expand public media so that it is even more responsive. To you. We invite you to explore Building Bridges, our look back at the highlights of 2022.

The Newsroom’s Source Diversity Survey
Beginning in 2022, the GBH Newsroom asked its reporters to end every interview with a brief, optional survey of their source’s demographic information, including age, race, gender and location. The GBH Newsroom has now collected data on just over 1,300 sources and has begun to see trends that will allow us to set goals for increasing the diversity of the people we include in our news coverage.

We want to tell stories that reflect the lived experiences of the people who see our work, both who’s in front of our cameras and microphones, or who’s behind them. There’s a great deal of work to do to ensure understanding, equity and dignity. GBH is committed to producing ‘what matters to you.

Equity is what matters

We know how powerful stories can be. Whether watching Arthur and his friends navigate how to deal with a bully or understand a friend’s disability or engaging with FRONTLINE’s multiplatform experience that examines a federal effort to grapple with the U.S. legacy of racist killings, we recognize our responsibility to build equitable platforms for all voices and experiences to be heard, seen, and shared.

Though often used interchangeably, equality and equity are very different. While “equality” means giving the same to all parties, “equity” means acknowledging that not everyone starts at the same starting line. Equity is access, opportunity, support, and the removal of systemic and structural barriers. Creating a culture of equity gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, to bring their best ideas and, most importantly, bring their full selves forward.

Inclusion is what matters

Inclusion is the practice of including and centering voices, perspectives and opportunities to those who have been historically under-included. When we strive for an inclusive workplace, it benefits everyone – the organization, our workforce, customers, content, products, vendors, and the communities we serve.

Inclusive Language Guidelines

The cover of GBH's Inclusive Language Guidelines

GBH created the Inclusive Language Guidelines to aid public media professionals in the quest to communicate accurately and sensitively in a manner that respects all human beings. This signals to people that we consider them worthy of consideration and attention. Our language must continually evolve with our understanding and acceptance of diverse groups of people.

Employee Resource Groups

Led by our employees and supported by GBH leaders, GBH’s Employee Resource Groups provide a network to exchange ideas and support the professional development of our colleagues, as well as recruitment and retention efforts. They collaborate with leadership on policies and practices that positively impact employees of diverse identities and amplify initiatives that uphold the GBH’s commitment to DEIA in programming, employee growth and development, and community engagement.

  • GBH Catalyst

    Catalyst champions BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) employees at GBH. Catalyst encourages those interested to follow the Catalyst LinkedIn page
  • GBH Connected

    Connected supports staff who are new to the public media ecosystem; early in their career; and/or have changed their career and are new in their role here at GBH, and are looking for a place to grow alongside colleagues.
  • Prism

    Prism is a safe, supportive and celebratory space for GBH’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and two spirit (LGBTQ+) community and the allies who support them.

In addition to our ERGs, we have employee led-groups who work directly with the Office of Inclusion and Equity to investigate and amplify DEIA throughout the foundation.

Accessibility is what matters

Making programs accessible has always been central to GBH’s work. My role places emphasis and resources behind that commitment, and reflects GBH’s mission to foster the power of diverse perspectives. In the Office of Inclusion and Equity, we define strategic opportunities and a shared vision for the future of accessibility at GBH.

GBH has a long history of making media accessible; captioning for broadcast television was invented here, as was audio description for viewers who are blind or have low vision. We continue to develop new solutions to ensure that everyone can benefit from innovations in media. Thanks to those working in accessibility at GBH, we hold two US Patents, both in access technology, have won two FCC Chairman’s Awards, a Technical Emmy, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Council of the Blind, and other awards and accolades from advocates and leaders in the field. We use that expertise to improve the work lives and experiences of everyone we serve, inside and outside of GBH.

Learn more about accessibility at GBH here.

At GBH, YOU matter

Don’t just work at GBH. Belong here. No matter where you’re from, or what kind of work you’re passionate about, we’re certain you’ll feel right at home having a career at the United States’ preeminent public media organization. If you’re looking to join a dynamic, innovative and award-winning operation, GBH wants you on our team.

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