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  • Mars exploration, the benefits of seaweed and the history of music are just some of the fascinating topics viewers and listeners can explore through more than 100 free lectures offered yearly by GBH Forum Network. The team of two works with more than 20 universities, libraries and organizations, to give audiences all over the globe access to the world’s foremost scholars, authors, artists, scientists, policymakers and community leaders.
  • The 15th season of GBH’s beloved High School Quiz Show, the state's award-winning academic competition, is about to begin, and no doubt will have surprises and unexpected drama. Find out 10 fun facts you might not know about the program.
  • With the launch of The Culture Show November 3, GBH 89.7 listeners will get an insider’s view of the arts landscape with an expansive look at diverse local artists and the big talent and productions that play in the region.
  • GBH is gearing up for Season 15 of the Emmy award-winning High School Quiz Show (HSQS). And we are on the lookout for high school academic stars who will step up and join the battle of wits. Super Sunday, the annual qualifying event, is November 5.
  • Most teens follow current events, but just 15% get their news from online or print news outlets. They’re far more likely to check out sources like YouTube and TikTok. See what FRONTLINE Executive Producer Raney Aronson-Rath and Executive Director of Education Seeta Pai have to say about the program’s new series of social media-friendly mini-documentaries designed to bring trusted journalism to teens.
  • Donna Danielewski, now in her third year as GBH’s first-ever executive director of accessibility, is building on GBH’s history of championing accessibility through video captioning and assistive technologies to create a culture where disability is normalized. She says a sea change in attitudes about disabilities and accessibility is rippling throughout the organization. And she’s stepping up to make that happen across the nation’s public media landscape.
  • Boston’s Big Dig is legendary — for its politics, cost overruns and rage-inducing traffic snarls. But most Bostonians don’t remember that the project emerged from an anti-highway movement that was resisting the nation’s newfound love of interstates. Discover more tidbits about this megaproject with Ian Coss, lead producer and host of “The Big Dig,” a new podcast from GBH News and PRX.
  • AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s The War on Disco explores the violence at Disco Demolition Night at the Chicago White Sox field in 1979, the cultural forces that gave rise to disco and the fierce backlash that emerged against a backdrop of race, culture and socioeconomic hardship.
  • Jeremy Siegel is the co-host of GBH News' Morning Edition. He previously hosted and produced the “POLITICO Dispatch” podcast. Jeremy earned recognition for his wildfire coverage at KQED Public Radio, receiving a Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism Award for breaking news. His reporting has been featured on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, The California Report, BBC News and The PBS Newshour. Originally from Ohio, Siegel holds a degree in rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley.
  • “Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!” Come catch Arthur the aardvark roaming the streets of Copley Square this weekend, as GBH partners in its fourth year and first time as presenting partner with the Boston Book Festival. This year, over 200 moderators and authors are meeting in the city for literary discussions that are free to the public. GBH personalities are moderating eight sessions with authors and visitors can stop by the GBH tent outside of the Boston Public Library to meet GBH News reporters. The public will be able to meet them, as well as snag some GBH swag, from stickers to tote bags.