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Robin Becker

poet, professor, Pennsylvania State

Robin Becker was born in 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned a BA and MA from Boston University and taught for 17 years at the MIT. She is the author of *Domain of Perfect Affection*, (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006); *The Horse Fair* (2000); *All-American Girl* (1996), which won the 1996 Lambda Literary Award in Lesbian Poetry; *Giacometti's Dog* (1990); Backtalk (1982); and *Personal Effects* (1977). Her poems and book reviews have appeared in publications such as *American Poetry Review*, *the Boston Globe*, *Gettysburg Review*, and *Ploughshares*. Her honors include the 1997 Virginia Faulkner Prize for Excellence in Writing from *Prairie Schooner* magazine and fellowships from the Mary Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College, the Massachusetts Artists Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. In addition to serving as poetry editor for *The Women's Review of Books*, Becker writes a column for the WRB on poetry and the poetry scene called "Field Notes." She is a professor of English and Women's Studies at Pennsylvania State University.