In the Season 2 finale of Annika, the Marine Homicide Unit investigates a barge fire tied to two previous cases that occurred offscreen. In the process, we also discover why Papa Strandhed sought to reconnect with Annika. Morgan, meanwhile, has to navigate change on three fronts. While the season finale resolves the biggest question viewers had from the beginning of this season, it leaves viewers with a new one left unresolved. Let’s dive into more detail.

Annika begins the episode with a monologue about the Greek myth of Prometheus. She says Prometheus gave humans the gift of fire, but that the gift also has the ability to destroy everything. The Greek poet Hesiod first recorded the myth of Prometheus in his epic poem Theogony — which translates to “the birth of the gods” or “genealogy of the gods” — in the 7th century BC. Hesiod delves deeper into the fire-stealing section of the story in another epic poem Works and Days.

Prometheus is relevant to this week’s case because the victim, Jacqueline Drummond, a former DI, died in the barge fire. Annika’s superiors immediately suspect that recently released felon Gary Nair did it because he was still angry that Drummond put him in jail. Nair’s release was mentioned in the last episode, but some viewers may not have noticed it with the chatter around the murder at the nature reserve. Drummond’s neighbor Alex described a Black man running away from the scene before the fire began. The man is later identified as Leon, who Jacqueline met at a charity event a while back.

The next reference to the Prometheus myth occurs after Annika makes the obligatory next-of-kin visit to Drummond’s daughter Imogen, who works in a recording studio. Annika says that the Greek gods initially liked Prometheus. She mentions Prometheus was tasked with forming mankind from clay and water. He grew fond of his creations and gave them gifts. Annika says that you’re still fond of your children as a parent even when they abandon you. It turns out Imogen was raised by her dad, as her mom was busy with the police. This also reflects Annika’s perpetual fears that Morgan may leave her behind if Morgan gets too close to Michael. Imogen reveals that she was interviewing her mom about being a cop for a podcast she was working on, but didn’t get to finish before Jacqueline’s death. Imogen never met Leon. This fact lends credibility to the theory that Nair is involved.

In between the case developments, Morgan is taking driving lessons. Morgan asks Michael about the meaning of certain road signs, as she’s nervous about the test. Papa Strandhed is also still in Annika’s house. On the one hand, he gives Morgan encouragement that she’ll pass the exam. On the other hand, he creates more drama by inviting Jake for dinner. During the dinner, Papa Strandhed tells Annika he’s not divorcing her mother after all. Morgan finally connects the dots in the interactions between Michael and Annika, and asks if Michael is her father. Annika finally says yes and this awkward convo signals to Jake he should leave to let the family settle things. But all of this drama hasn’t put off Jake from asking Annika if he should move in with her and Morgan. Annika says yes on the condition that Morgan has to be OK with it. She also says yes.

Leon admits to the Marine Homicide Unit that he stole stuff from Drummond because he has a history of anger and addiction issues, but says didn’t kill her. Nair is eventually questioned by Annika, but he gives her the runaround on admitting to Drummond’s murder. Annika then mentions in a monologue that Prometheus was also a trickster. He tricked the goddesses protecting the fire into arguing over some fruit while he snuck into Zeus’ furnace. Nair similarly tricks the cops into chasing a false lead. He also insults Michael and Annika by calling them “Sampson and Delilah.” Nair unfortunately has used the interrogation to try to get info that he could use to take revenge on the police. He finds a way to pose as Morgan’s driving instructor in order to kidnap her. Morgan quickly realizes that she’s in trouble and thinks of a way to distract Nair until she can get to a safe location. She leads Nair to a pharmacy and from there she calls for help. Michael and Annika quickly rescue a scared but physically unharmed Morgan.

Leon later tells the police he saw a man leave Drummond’s barge right before the fire. Leon didn’t know who he was but he did remember the distinctive patch on the man’s jacket sleeve. It turns out that Drummond’s brother Gordon was a diver who died at sea several years earlier. She always believed that what happened was not an accident and was investigating on the side.

Unfortunately for Prometheus, Annika says the gods found out he stole the fire. Annika says Zeus punished Prometheus by getting an eagle to pick out his liver for eternity. The monologue leaves out that the liver always grows back just in time for the predator to eat it again. Zeus also decided to punish humans for their role in the situation which leads to Annika relating the story of Pandora’s Box, where Pandora unleashes curses on mankind after disobeying orders to not open the box (or more likely a pottery urn). Annika notes that Zeus could blame Pandora for opening the box, but it is in fact Zeus’ fault for creating the box in the first place. Annika leaves out that Pandora and her box were presented to Prometheus’ brother as a second part of Zeus’ revenge plan. Hesiod’s poems did not fully expand the link between Prometheus and Pandora. but the writer Aeschylus did in his tragedy play Prometheus Bound.

The reference to Pandora’s Box ties into the fact that Annika discovers her father Magnus’ voice on Jacqueline’s dictaphone. In addition, the jacket detail Leon noticed was the oil company logo. The episode ends with Annika playing the dictaphone recording where we hear Papa Strandhed’s real name, Magnus, during a phone call filled with incriminating info. Annika’s curiosity is satisfied, but the knowledge that her father is a likely murderer is going to weigh heavily on her.

The episode ends before we see Annika try to confront her dad. Unfortunately, it’s not clear if there will be a Season 3 for Annika. However, you can help push the needle towards a renewal by telling your friends by word of mouth or via social media they should start watching the series.