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Brendan McConville

Professor, history, Boston University

Brendan McConville is a professor of history at Boston University, and is head of The David Center for the American Revolution at the American Philosophical Society, as well as a trustee of the David Library of the American Revolution.
He is a native of New Jersey. He received his undergraduate education at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He was a fellow of the Thomas Watson Foundation in 1985-1986 and did research in Ireland during his fellowship period. He wrote his doctoral dissertation at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island and completed his Ph.D. there in 1992. Professor McConville is the author of The Brethren: A Story of Faith and Conspiracy in Revolutionary America; The King’s Three Faces: The Rise and Fall of Royal America; and These Daring Disturbers of the Public Peace: The Struggle for Property and Power in Early New Jersey, as well as being the co-creator and co-host of the radio program The Historians, which airs on 1550 AM Boston. He Professor McConville is also a fellow of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Historical Society.